Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Mortems

So I have been commiserating with my Democratic patients about the election results. I have got to hand it to Nate Silver at Five Thirty Eight; except for the Harry Reid win in Nevada, he nailed all the numbers. Something about the proper use of probabilities and math. He does it right. Unfortunately the results are dispiriting to a liberal like myself.
What is with the Midwest? How did they go Republican? The Democrats pushed through the auto bailout, which saved many hundreds of thousands of jobs. Most of the money given out by the feds has already been returned. GM went public with an IPO this week. The Dems voted, in the face of Republican disapproval, the continued extension of unemployment insurance. If there is a region in the country that needs the help of good government, it is the Midwest. So, what gives?
I am happy that at least the most "out there" tea partiers like Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle did not win. But we still get Rand Paul and Mark Rubio. They will intone about the deficit, lowering taxes, and helping people find jobs.
I am ready for the new non-sequiturs of this Congress.

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